Hi there! I'm Lisa.

I teach women how to shift their mindset, set inspired goals and create a road map to living a life they've always envisioned.


Nice to Meet you, friend!

I'm a mindset, personal growth and accountability coach. I teach women just like you to set amazing goals and achieve them over and over again!

My passions include helping aspiring women live their best life, watching you achieve amazing goals, building my online empire and binging on personal development podcasts.

My mission is for every woman who has a dream feel like they can achieve the impossible so that they can build and live a life they love. And I do this through my books, online course and blog.

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Up level your life by shifting your mindset to work for you instead of against you. Set inspired and achievable goals so you can manifest your dreams!


It's easier than you think, let me show you how! If you have set goals that you are trying to achieve and need accountability, I'm your girl! I have helped countless women achieve their goals with my accountability coaching. I cheer you on with even the smallest of wins and give you some tough love when you need  it to give you that gentle push to cross the finish line.

Or perhaps, you're feeling stuck in your life and lack the confidence and clarity of what your dream life looks like. Set goals, what goals? No worries girlfriend, I've created the most comprehensive road map to guide you. My Goals to Growth Accelerator course will help you gain clarity, shift your mindset and finally be able to set and achieve inspiring goals. It's time to create a life by your design!

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When pursuing your goals, clarity is extremely important. And you'll learn the underutilized system that ensures your goals are aligned with the purpose and vision for your life.


No more excuses for not checking off the boxes on your goal to-do-list. Discover how to start your day off right, get stuff done, eliminate distractions, and more!



Discover what you must know when attempting to achieve a goal. Hint: It's the key ingredient to achieving any goal (especially when things get tough).

living an imperfectly perfect life:

To understand the value you have in this world, to create the confidence to crush your amazing goals and manifest the life of your dreams, no matter what!

"I am so grateful for Lisa's perspective and her ability to help me answer important questions as I worked towards achieving a specific goal.  Lisa's commitment to her own goals is inspiring!  She helps to motivate me and keep me on track with my goals."

Susan G. Barr

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